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What We Do

We Adventure Friends are thinkers, writers, designers, and amazingly talented creative types who make awesome things individually and together. Check out some of our projects or maybe you’d like to hire us!

We specialize in communication services, including:

  • Graphic design & illustration
  • Blog and newsletter content & delivery
  • Science writing
  • Museum exhibit development
  • Educational games

We are happy to offer website services to small businesses, including:

  • Creating a new WordPress website (like the one you’re at now!)
  • Redesigning and revamping a WordPress site
  • Maintaining and updating an existing site
  • Optimizing for SEO and page load times
  • Copy writing, editing and content creation
  • Graphic design and media assets


Featured Projects

Just some of the recent adventures we've embarked upon...
Volcano Hazards Lab
PACIFIC SCIENCE CENTER – SEATTLE, WA This is an installation piece. View app online Objective: Create a touch-screen app to teach users basic facts and the hazards of local volcanoes in Washington state. Users are able to create their own virtual volcano by manipulating magma viscosity and gas volume, then …
View "Volcano Hazards Lab"
My Cambrian Aquarium
My Cambrian Aquarium is an educational website about the Cambrian period of Earth’s history. It is Marlena’s master’s thesis project. The project includes an interactive timeline and virtual aquarium game. She created the website using HTML/CSS3/JavaScript/PHP. She made the timeline and game in Flash/ActionScript 3. Link:
View "My Cambrian Aquarium"

Contact Us

With our combined skill set, and broad range of specialties, we Adventure Friends are ready to help with your next project.