Volcano Hazards Lab


This is an installation piece. View app online

Create a touch-screen app to teach users basic facts and the hazards of local volcanoes in Washington state. Users are able to create their own virtual volcano by manipulating magma viscosity and gas volume, then watch the eruption animate.

Collaboration with PSC exhibit team on exhibition concept development, exhibition vision and goals, interactive and multimedia development and production. Worked with USGS Outreach on volcano facts and accuarcy.

This app is part of the local content for the Pompeii exhibit. We worked on a very tight timeline to create an interactive piece that fits with the visual style and message of the rest of the exhibit.

Start Screen

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My Cambrian Aquarium

My Cambrian Aquarium is an educational website about the Cambrian period of Earth’s history. It is Marlena’s master’s thesis project. The project includes an interactive timeline and virtual aquarium game. She created the website using HTML/CSS3/JavaScript/PHP. She made the timeline and game in Flash/ActionScript 3.

Link: http://www.mycambrianaquarium.com

My Cambrian Aquarium Home Page
My Cambrian Aquarium Game

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